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10 Things Every Adult Should Have in Their Bathroom

The bathroom is probably the only room in your house both you and your guests will use without exception. Yet we rarely think about how cozy or welcoming our bathrooms are, or if they’ll make a good impression on house guests. If you want your bathroom to be welcoming for both you and whoever you have over, here are ten essentials you and any other adult should have:

Quality matching towels

If you’re still using towels made from synthetic fabrics in your late twenties, you need to fix the issue immediately! The same goes for owning mismatched towels with clashing designs. Replace your college-grade ones with fluffy, absorbent, cotton towels and get a few that match. Any guests will be impressed, and every shower will turn into a mini spa experience.

A beautiful shower curtain

There’s no excuse in using the same raggedy, washed-out shower curtain you’ve had since your early twenties. You can find trendy shower curtains pretty much everywhere, so get out there and buy a new one to update your bathroom instantly. You can either find a minimalist curtain that will add some elegance to the space or go crazy with patterns and show off your personality. Design tip: cloth curtains are better than plastic!

A bath mat

There’s nothing like the cozy, clean feeling you get after a hot shower. So why not enhance it by getting a soft bath mat to sink your feet in when you get out of the tub? A bat mat will make you forget about all the times you had to postpone relaxing because you had to mop the floor after a shower; plus, you can get one that will function as décor as well.

Containers for beauty products

Sure, you could keep your cue tips and cotton swabs hidden away in your medicine cabinet in their original packaging, but why do that when you can quickly turn them into decorations for your bathroom? If you have the space, buy a couple of mason jars (or use ones you already have for a cheaper version) and store your everyday items in style.

A drain snake

When you’re living with your parents, you often don’t notice the hidden responsibilities that come with managing a home. However, clogged pipes are one issue you can quickly solve once you’re living on your own. Get your own drain snake and you’ll fix blockages easily without spending money on a plumber or going through the hassle of contacting your landlord.

Odor neutralizing candle or freshener

Even if you don’t personally want to use a scent diffusing product in your bathroom, many of your guests will most definitely be thankful for a scented candle or a freshener in emergencies. Besides upgrading the atmosphere of the space, a scented candle or freshener will go a long way in relieving your guests of potential anxiety-inducing moments.

Good lighting

This one is a must! If you’re an adult, you need great lighting all around the house, and the bathroom is no exception. Your bathroom should be pleasant to be in, and a soft glow will take you far in creating a cozy atmosphere. Also, if you use makeup regularly, you’ll need a quality light setup to achieve creative, well-balanced looks.

Green cleaning products

First off, if you want to boast an adult bathroom, you’re going to need all the cleaning essentials to keep it squeaky clean. But since a lot of bathroom cleaning products are chock full of chemicals and a diverse set of ingredients that waste resources and harm the environment, make sure you stay mindful of your and the planet’s health by buying green.

Originally published in RENTCafé.

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