view from a balcony at Canterbury House in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Our Approach to ESG

Globe Property Management is committed to operating in the most sustainable way possible, in a world where reducing one’s footprint environmentally and societally is a priority. Our ESG policy serves as a guideline for how we manage our properties and investments and ensures that we are a responsible member of our community. As well it is a mandate of ours that our workplaces operate in a transparent and inclusive fashion. Detailed below is a breakdown of our ESG policy.


Globe is dedicated to performing its operations sustainably with a commitment to putting the environment first in the following ways:

  • Installing efficient plumbing and electrical fixtures across our portfolio
  • Installing high efficiency boilers to ensure that our residents are comfortable while lessening our impact on the environment
  • Establishing a recycling program across our portfolio to reduce unnecessary waste
  • Introducing sub-metering to our properties to foster responsible resource consumption amongst our resident community
  • Globe is committed to re-investing in its properties through capital items. This includes reducing our carbon footprint via the installation of high efficiency windows, increased insulation on roofs, and improvements to the building envelopes in order to maintain building temperatures while reducing consumption


It is a priority of ours to ensure a positive and supportive community for both our staff and residents, which we achieve by:

  • Facilitating a diverse and inclusive workplace where staff are compensated at above-industry wages and provided access to several amenities
  • Committing to employee wellness by providing access to mental and physical health services
  • Providing our customers with homes that are cared for, well-maintained, affordable, and secure
  • Having an established and thorough Workplace Health and Safety Program, which includes our being certified by Safe Work Manitoba and COR
  • Encouraging community involvement and philanthropic initiatives


Globe Property Management governs itself:

  • By operating ethically with support from robust Human Resources policies
  • By ensuring that we adhere to the regulations of the jurisdictions within which we operate
  • By guaranteeing all operations and acquisitions are carried through with proper ESG practices in mind
  • By prioritizing the comfort and satisfaction of all internal and external stakeholders during our decision-making processes
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