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10 Things Every Adult Should Have In Their Living Room

10 Things Every Adult Should Have In Their Living Room

Adulting. It’s such a big word. As you get older, being an “adult” sneaks up on you. Suddenly, you’re living on your own without a couch to your name. And you realize it’s time…Time to decorate the living room. 

Maybe you’re furnishing a living room for the first time. You have no idea where to start. That’s why we’re writing this blog post on how to create an adult living room. 

A living room isn’t quite as essential as some of the other areas in your apartment. You probably spent more time (and money) on your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. So yes, you can get by without a living room. But if you’re ready to take your adulting to the next step, it’s time to furnish this final room.

Your college days are behind you. So here’s a crash course on ten things that will transform your living room into a more “grown-up” space:

1. Coffee Table

Whenever you’re lounging in the living room, you usually have a collection of snacks with you. Your preferred mug with your favourite tea. A big bowl of popcorn. And maybe something sweet on the side. 

But without a table, all this stuff will end up beside you on the couch. It’s not exactly inviting for your guests.

That’s exactly why you need a coffee table. Use it to place anything you keep handy when you’re hanging out or watching TV. 

Better yet, get a table with interior storage. It’s the perfect place to stash your coffee table books, candles, or hidden snacks (so your roommate doesn’t eat them!). 

2. TV Stand With Storage

You keep a lot of odds and ends in your living room. Remotes, video game consoles, movie cases—the list goes on. Without a storage shelf, these random items will end up in all kinds of places—cluttering up your coffee table, taking up space on the couch, or even being left on the floor. 

A TV stand gives you a place for your big screen and a spot to store these belongings. When everything is in its proper place, and you know where to find what you’re looking for, it can reduce your stress levels and benefit your mental health.

3. Footstool

Everyone tells you to buy a couch. And that’s fair—any living room needs one.

But unless you’ve shelled out the dough to buy a recliner, your couch probably doesn’t have any type of footrest. 

An affordable way to fix that problem? Pick up an ottoman! Your adult living room will be infinitely more comfortable when you have a place to kick your feet up and relax. 

4. Live Plants

Breathe some life into the space with plants. It’s called a living room for a reason. If you have any windows in your space, find a small table to put a plant or two on. 

A pop of green adds a personal touch to your adult living room. And if you’re limited on natural light, choose plants that can live without direct sunlight. A few examples include lucky bamboo and monstera plants. 

5. Area Rug

There’s something so tasteful about an area rug in a living room—one that ties the whole room together. It’s an essential part of your living room decor. 

And another great thing is that a rug is soft and warm on your feet, so you’re cozy walking around barefoot. 

6. Coasters

This one seems like a small thing, but hear us out.

You’ve gone ahead and purchased a coffee table for your living room—a nice one, made with a wood or glass surface. 

You have a few guests over, and the next day, you notice rings all over the surface of that table. Now you have to clean it each time you put a drink down. It may even damage your table.

Protect it with coasters! The cool thing about them is that you can choose coasters with all kinds of fun designs on them. Local landmarks, your favourite video game characters, or movie trivia facts—it’s up to you. 

7. Oil Diffuser

Winters in Winnipeg get so dry. One way to add moisture to the air and a pleasant scent? Set up an oil diffuser in your living room. 

Ideally, you could place it beside the spot you like to sit. The scent doesn’t travel far, so you’ll need to be close by to notice it.

Fill it with water, and add a few drops of essential oil. Depending on the type of oil you choose, it may have unique effects on your mood. A few popular picks include lavender, eucalyptus, and bergamot.

8. The Coziest Couch

We had to include this one on the list. Whether you love binging Netflix or simply unwinding after a never-ending day, you need a couch to help you do that. And one something that’s all about style. You need something comfy! 

Whether you prefer leather or fabric, loveseats or sectionals, the important thing is that your couch is comfortable. A place you could spend hours relaxing or even taking an afternoon nap. Make sure it has enough space to fit the members of your household (or your usual guests).  

9. Throw Blankets

You never know when you’ll get a chill. That’s why it’s great to keep a blanket on hand at all times—one that’s always within reach. Fold it up and keep it under a table, or lay it on top of your couch for easy access. 

10. String Lights

You want to create a cozier ambiance in your living room. What’s the best way to do that? By setting up string lights. 

Set up these tiny lights anywhere you want to add the glow of a warm candle. Keep it neutral with soft yellow lights, or choose multi-coloured ones to add some fun. 

Find the Perfect Apartment for Your Living Room Decor

Maybe you’ve never furnished a living room before because your current place doesn’t have the space for it. Is it time for an update? At Globe Property Management, we offer apartments for rent in Winnipeg. Browse our available units today!

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