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5 Easy Energy-Saving Tips For Renters

When you move into a new apartment, you have a lot on your mind: there’s unpacking, finding new transportation routes, and decorating the space to your liking. Something that might not top your list of concerns is how much energy you’re using. In a new space, you have the opportunity to cultivate new habits. For the health of our planet and your wallet, it’s wise to cut down on your electricity usage; you’ll have a lessened ecological footprint and a lower utility bill. Below are five simple ways that you can cut back on energy usage in your apartment:

  1. Air dry clothes instead of using the dryer. When we think of manually drying fabrics, we imagine a clothesline strung in someone’s backyard. But there are hangers you can purchase to do the same thing indoors. It’s a great way to reduce your energy usage, and only takes a few more hours than a machine to dry your clothes. This trick has another benefit: it will increase the humidity in your apartment, which is perfect during those dry winter days. When your clothes are in the wash, you can set it to use cold water instead of hot, which will use less energy. 
  1. Switch the light bulbs to energy-efficient ones. Changing light bulbs will have a drastic impact on your overall energy usage. Replace old, incandescent bulbs with modern, more efficient ones. It’s a win-win situation: you’ll get better lighting at a lower cost. Switching to LED bulbs will reduce your electricity usage and save you money; they reduce energy use by up to 85%. Even with your highly-efficient bulbs, remember to shut off the lights once you leave a room!
  1. Use power bars. We’ve all had that moment when we’ve used a hair straightener or an iron, and then wondered, did I unplug it? With a power bar, it will be easy to control which appliances are drawing energy. Have you ever heard of “vampire power”? No, we’re not talking about Hallowe’en - this term describes electronics that use power even when they’re turned off. Simply flick the power bar switch off when those electronics are out of use, and cut down drastically on wasted energy.
  1. Buy blackout drapes. Windows let in a lot of heat. This can be used to your advantage; if it’s a sunny winter day, leave the curtains open to let some heat in. Alternatively, draw them closed on a hot summer day to give your AC a break. Blackout drapes are thick enough that they will prevent your air conditioned air from leaking out the windows, and the hot sun from warming up the room. 
  1. Be more aware of your daily habits. Little things add up; by paying attention to your everyday energy usage, you can cut it down considerably. Try not to leave the fridge door open for too long, reduce your time spent in the shower, and use rugs to insulate hardwood floors. Another tip is to turn down the heat or AC by several degrees at night if you’re able to do so in your apartment. Finally, make sure no furniture is obstructing the air vents. 

Whether you’re looking to save on utility bills or trying to save the environment, the above tips will help you reduce your energy use. Looking for new apartments for rent in Winnipeg? Globe Property Management has a wide selection of properties to choose from. 

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