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7 Ways To Create An Entryway When You Don't Have One

It’s the first thing you see when you walk in the door: The entryway to your apartment.

An entryway sets the stage; it influences the atmosphere of your apartment. It creates a transition from one area to another. 

A well-decorated entrance space is welcoming and puts your guests at ease the moment they step into your home.

You want to be greeted by an area that reflects your style and personality. But entryways often come as an afterthought. 

You can pick your apartment. But you can’t exactly pick its floor plan. If you aren’t happy with how your entryway looks, you aren’t stuck with it! 

We’ve compiled a few design tips you can use to transform your space:

1. Add a Bench or Entryway Table

When you walk in the door, your mind is usually swirling with other things, like the events of the day, what you’ll cook for dinner, or how tired you are from your shift!

As you enter your home, you want to feel at ease. You want a reprieve from the outside world. 

A bench or side table will make you feel at home as soon as you enter through the door. These decorations serve a practical function, too. Use the surface to lay down tiny string lights, which will make your space even cozier. 

You can sit on the bench while putting your shoes on or taking them off, and when you walk in the door with your arms full of grocery bags, keys, and/or your bag, you can set them down on the side table as you take your coat off. 

Storage space hack: If you set up a bench, you can store your shoes in baskets underneath it.

2. Hang Curtains

Beautiful, flowing curtains are the perfect way to frame your entryway. Curtains aren’t just for windows. They’re also a great way to decorate your walls. 

You’ll make your entrance area feel like a cozy foyer space by hanging drapes, and once you walk past them, you’ll enter the rest of your home. 

It makes the entryway feel like a secluded, quaint space to gather your bearings before you go into the busier rooms of your apartment.

You can choose translucent curtains that let light in, or opaque ones that create more of a solid barrier. To hang the curtains, you can use an adhesive strip designed not to damage your walls. 

3. Use Mirrors

Got a small entryway? Mirrors will do the trick! They have a way of making a room feel much bigger than it really is.

You can lean a full-length mirror against a wall near your door or hang it on the wall. Mirrors come in so many shapes and sizes; you’ll find one to perfectly suit your decor.

Here’s another benefit: If you put a mirror by your front door, you can check your reflection before leaving. Fix your hair, straighten your clothes, and inspect your teeth before you head out the door! It may seem like a small thing, but you’ll be surprised how often it comes in handy.

4. Lay Down a Rug

In Winnipeg, having a doormat by your entryway is a necessity. Otherwise, you’ll bring in melted snow and mud each time you come home. Unless you want to clean your floors constantly, you’re better off using a mat to absorb the mess.

A rug also doubles as a way to create a homey entryway. Your space might be suited for a rug that covers the entire floor—or one that sits at the centre of the room. A rug that’s long and narrow can help the entryway flow into the next room. 

You can select a simple pattern or one that has a busier design; try to choose a rug that matches your other decorations. 

5. Set Up a Partition

In an apartment, you can’t build a wall, so propping up a partition is the next best thing. It’s a room divider that acts as a movable wall—you can place it wherever you need it!

The beauty of room dividers is that when you don’t want them up, you can fold them and stow them away in a closet. 

Let’s say you’re hauling in a large load of groceries and your partition is getting in the way. Taking it down and setting it up again later will be a breeze. 

6. Put Up a Tapestry

If you have a large, blank wall near your front door, your entryway may feel sparse and bland. Mix things up with a tapestry! Shop online, and you’ll find tapestries in all styles, from simple patterns to detailed designs. You’re sure to find one that suits your apartment.

Be careful not to choose an accent wall that’s too busy—otherwise, your entryway may feel cluttered. Leave enough space so that your decor has room to breathe. 

Another great thing about a tapestry is that if you change your mind later, you can always take it down and swap it out for a different one. 

7. Buy Plants

Do you have a lot of natural light near your front door? If so, it will make the perfect place for a plant. Plants make any room seem fresher. You can choose a large plant that makes a statement, like a Kentia palm or asparagus fern.

Even if you’re short on sunlight, you can choose plants that thrive in low light, like succulents. 

Plants do take up space, but they also have a way of making a room feel bigger, airier, and brighter. It’s well worth it to sacrifice some floor or wall space for a plant.

Enter: Your New Apartment

It’s true that renting an apartment means you can’t renovate your space but with the above decorating tips, you can personalize it without damaging it!

Feeling too cooped up in your space? Maybe it’s time to find a new Winnipeg apartment. Globe Property Management can help with that. Create the entryway of your dreams in a brand-new space. 

Whether you want to live in Wolseley or St. James, we’ll help you find an apartment that meets your needs. Browse our available units today!

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