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A Guide To The Different Types Of Apartments

At times, apartment hunting can feel overwhelming. As you read about different units, you might be confused about some of the descriptions you find. You’ve heard of terms like bachelor or penthouse apartment before, but perhaps you’re not exactly clear about what those terms mean. 

To help with your apartment hunt, we’ve put together a guide to the most common types of units: 


With these units, there’s no division between the sleeping area, kitchen, or dining area (or kitchenette). The bathroom is usually the only room that’s separated by a wall and a door.

These one-room units can make a small space feel bigger. They’re a cost-effective way to live on your own. Bachelor suites are limited on privacy and square footage, so they’re best for just one person (hence the name). 


Studio apartments are quite similar to bachelor units, but with one main difference. Most studio apartments are slightly larger than bachelor apartments. They may feature a separate dining area or kitchen. If you’re looking for something with a bit more space, consider a studio unit.


You can’t beat the view of a penthouse apartment. These units are typically located on the top floor of a building, so you get breathtaking views of the city skyline. Penthouse apartments tend to feel luxurious; they often feature high ceilings and are usually quite large. 

Because of their size and prestige factor, penthouses can be pricey, but if you can afford one, you’ll love the feeling of spaciousness.

2 & 3 Bedroom

Do you plan to live with a roommate? Perhaps you need an extra room for a home office. If so, you might be looking for apartments with a spare bedroom or two. 

The specific features of multi-bedroom apartments vary. Some are spacious with high ceilings; others are more compact but with plenty of amenities (like in-suite laundry, a dishwasher, a bathtub). 

2 & 3 bedroom units are some of the most popular apartment types, so you’ll find plenty of options on your search. 

1 Bedroom (+ Den)

Some tenants prefer the open concept of a bachelor apartment. But if you prefer to sleep in an enclosed room, a 1 bedroom apartment may be best. 

In a 1 bedroom apartment, the sleeping area is separated by a few walls and a door. This creates a private, quiet area to rest.

Looking for a little extra space? A den is an extra area of the apartment, but one that’s too small to be considered a bedroom. Dens usually don’t have closets or windows, but there are exceptions. 

These rooms are usually for seating or entertainment. You can use your den as a living room when you’re having guests over. 

Which type of apartment is right for you? If you’re a student, you’re probably looking for the most cost-effective option; a bachelor or studio unit will be perfect. 

But if you’ve lived on your own for a while, you might have a bit of furniture. Maybe you’re moving in with a roommate, and you need an extra bedroom. For more space, you can choose a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment. 

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