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Apartment Safety & Security In Winnipeg: Protecting Your Home

Winnipeg is an incredible place to live, but like any city, there’s always a risk of crime, fires, and other hazards.

We want you to be safe. To help, we’ve created this list of apartment safety and security tips. From installing an in-suite security system to getting to know the people who live in your building, there are tips for absolutely everyone—and following them will make your apartment a safer, better place to live. 

Don't Let Anyone You Don't Know into the Building

This seems like a simple enough rule—if you don’t know them, don’t let them in.

Easy, right?

Imagine it’s -40℃ out, and you see someone waiting outside the door trying to deliver a pizza. A group of friends all bundled together, waiting to get in to meet their friend inside. A worried-looking older woman who just wants to get in to see her child.

All of a sudden, it becomes a lot more tempting to let in strangers.

You still shouldn’t. Most of these people are probably kind-hearted, good people who really do have a good reason to get into the apartment. A rare few, however, are going to try to break into apartments, steal things, or conduct other nefarious acts.

Here’s our recommendation: Look for ways you can help people without letting them in. Offer them a cup of coffee to keep them warm. Tell them you can knock on the door of the person they’re trying to contact. 

Don’t let them in, though. Be especially cautious if someone tries to enter the apartment building at the same time you do—close the door behind you and politely explain to them why you can’t let them in. It’s not about being rude—it’s about safety. 

Keep Doors and Windows Locked Whenever Possible

Your apartment building might be locked, but that’s no reason to just leave your apartment suite unlocked. Strangers and criminals can make their way into an apartment building, and they may try opening random unlocked doors. 

Keep yourself safe—keep your apartment door locked, as well as any sliding doors leading out to your porch. Use all of your door locks, including the chain locks installed on many apartment doors. 

The same logic applies to windows. You’ll be less pressed to keep them locked on the upper floors, but it’s still a good idea. Though rare, criminals will sometimes use ladders or climb buildings to get up to the unlocked windows to higher-up suites. Locking your windows is especially important when you’re on the ground floor. 

Get To Know the Other People in the Apartment Complex

There is safety in community—when you know the other people in your apartment complex, you can:

  • Let them in if you see them (and know which people are strangers who don’t live there)
  • Talk to them about safety and security issues
  • Organize events
  • Ask for and offer wellness checks
  • Support each other

Knowing your neighbours is a great thing—you can take care of each other and look out for each other’s best interests. Get to know the people on your floor, then get to know the people on the floors below and above you. You’ll be happy you did—and you’ll all be safer, too! 

Ask About the Apartment Security System Before Moving in

A well-kept and well-managed apartment complex should have a few security systems in place. Doors should lock automatically, there should be a buzzer system for access, and security cameras should be in place. 

Ask your prospective or current landlord about the security systems in your apartment building. Are security cameras actively monitored? Are there security alarms in place? Questions about fire alarms, exit routes, and where the nearest fire escape are good to ask.

You should also inquire about crime in the area—here in Winnipeg, you can access CrimeMaps to see which crimes are most common in the area you’re renting in (or thinking of renting in). This can help you to better understand how to protect yourself—local crime statistics aren’t always very accurate, but they are a useful starting point. 

Consider a Standalone Security System for Your Unit

You might be surprised to learn that you can get a home security system for your apartment. Fortunately, home security systems have become much more portable in recent years, thanks to wireless technology.

CNET created an excellent list of the best apartment security systems in 2023. These systems may feature door and window sensors, wireless alarm systems, security cameras, or other features. A standalone system is well worth looking into, and even the best security systems are relatively affordable nowadays. Let your landlord know if you install a security system in case they need access to your apartment. 

Take out Renter’s Insurance

All of the apartment security tips we’ve discussed so far can help protect you from break-ins, vandalism, and other criminal activities. Prevention is key, but even if you’ve taken every step possible, the unexpected can still happen.

Tenant insurance, also known as renter’s insurance, can help you protect your personal property. Most policies will help you replace stolen personal property or even property damaged by fires or other unexpected events.

Renter’s insurance can also help you cover additional living expenses if you need to wait for repairs to your unit or look for a new apartment after damage to your unit. Finally, you’ll also get extra protection through liability insurance in the event that you accidentally injure someone or damage their property.

Tenant insurance is one of the best ways to protect yourself from the unexpected, and we highly recommend it to all of our tenants. 

Give the Appearance That You're at Home

Want to prevent break-ins? We’ve got a great suggestion: Make it look like you’re at home. You’ll deter potential intruders and keep your apartment safe, all with few additional security costs.

While you’re away, keep your lights on, especially near the front door of your apartment. Consider leaving a radio playing or a TV playing so it sounds like someone is at home. This process is a lot easier in the modern age because you can control lighting and other electronics from a distance using smart technology. Try it out! 

Apply Window Film

Window film is a simple and effective way of keeping your apartment safe. Better still, window film can be tinted to keep your apartment more private, a great option for apartments on lower floors. 

That’s not all—window film also acts as an insulant, keeping your apartment warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. You can apply window film to sliding glass doors, windows, and even peepholes; it’s extremely versatile.

We will caution you that it’s important to remove window film once you move out of your apartment; doing so will help ensure that you get your full security deposit back. The new tenants may not want the window film left behind by a past tenant, and removing it takes time and effort. 

Your Security Is Taken Seriously at Globe Property Management

All of the apartments managed by Globe Property Management have a variety of security measures in place to keep you and your family safe. From automatically locking doors and security cameras to detailed fire plans, alarm systems, and fire escapes, we do everything we can to give you peace of mind in your home.

The apartment safety tips here can be used by anyone—most of them are inexpensive or free. Looking for safe, affordable apartments for rent in Winnipeg, Manitoba? We have several units available in great locations with great amenities—all with excellent security features. Contact us today!

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