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Back-to-School Apartment Hunting

Looking for an apartment during back-to-school season can be stressful for students. There’s already enough to worry about with organizing class schedules, meeting new profs, and lamenting the loss of your summer vacation. To ensure your new home is compatible with your student life, consider these qualities when apartment hunting!

Convenience of Location

The location of your new home is important when considering your apartment options. Somewhere close by your school with lots of amenities within walking distance would be ideal for a student. Don’t feel like making food after a long day of studying? Try a new local restaurant just down the street! Realized you forgot your laptop before your first class? Good thing your apartment is just five-minutes away! Don’t underestimate the benefits a convenient location can offer a student.


Make a list of items you want or need at your new apartment. Consider if you want or need extra features that may come with your suite. Having a pool or tennis court on the property may be a great way to have fun after a successful study session for some students, but for others, these services may not be as attractive, and more importantly, not worth paying for.

Keeping this checklist will help you narrow down your prospective apartments list and ensures you’re looking for a suite that fits your lifestyle and needs.


Accessibility of transportation is a crucial factor when considering your apartment options. How long is the commute to your school? Does the property offer electric plug-ins or sheltered parking for your car during the winter months? Are there convenient bus routes nearby to take you to your school, work, and anywhere else you need to go? It’s easy to figure out the answer to these questions by making a quick Google search or calling the Resident Manager of a prospective apartment, and it will save you lots of time in the long run!


Of course, an affordable price point is one of the most important factors for a student when choosing an apartment. Too cheap, and there might be lots of hidden fees - too good to be true. Too expensive, and you’ll only be able to afford to eat instant ramen until you graduate! To help determine your true monthly payment, find out if rent includes utilities or not. This may be an additional item you have to budget for if it’s not already included. Other items you may have to account for when searching for an apartment include tenant’s insurance, application fees, security deposit, and more! Make sure you do your research to avoid any surprise charges.

Having an accurate idea of the true monthly cost of your apartment will help you budget more effectively, and hopefully alleviate some stress surrounding it.

Globe Property Management offers plenty of apartment options that are perfect for students, with convenient property locations, affordable rent, helpful on-site management, and useful amenities. Visit our website for more information and to book your private viewing.

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