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Comparing Apartments: How To Find A Home You’ll Love

The idea of living on your own? Very exciting! Finding the perfect place that has everything you need? That’s a little more daunting. What if you’ve found a couple of apartments that both seem like the best deal, and you can’t choose between them?

In that case, you’ll need to thoroughly compare them to find out which apartment is best-suited to your lifestyle. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to apartment living; we’ll go over a few main points you can use to compare different places:


This is perhaps the biggest factor in your decision: what will it cost from month-to-month? Even if one place has a less expensive monthly fee, it may not include the cost of utilities like electricity and water, so be sure to read the fine print. You may need to pay extra for parking fees if you own a vehicle. Another consideration is how far away the apartment is from where you work—if you’re paying more to travel to and from, is it really a savings? 

You want to live in a place that’s comfortable, but also affordable. Even if you can handle the cost of monthly rent, it may leave you little to no room for saving money on top of renter’s insurance, internet, and your cell phone bill. Sometimes, the square footage that you need is out of your price range. In that case, you can get a roommate; just be sure to ask permission from your future landlord first. 


How close by are your most-visited locations? We’re talking grocery stores, gyms, and restaurants. Depending on how important these things are to you, you may not want to live somewhere that’s far away from places that you frequent. If you don’t have a car, is the apartment close to public transit routes? The proximity of your apartment from your school or place of work will have an impact on your daily life, so choose wisely. 

The HVAC system

In Winnipeg, we deal with some pretty extreme temperatures. In the summer, it can reach temperatures above 30° Celsius—but in the winter, it can drop to 30 below. Your apartment needs a heating and cooling system that can keep up with our city’s fluctuating weather. Otherwise, you’ll be miserably muggy in the summer and frigidly frustrated in the winter. Check what furnace and air conditioner the building has to make sure you won’t wind up in an apartment that you regret. 


When you’re searching for your dream apartment, it’s a good idea to make a list of your priorities. Do you need in-suite laundry? What about a gym or indoor pool? Depending on the area you’re looking at, you might appreciate 24/7 security at the building. Maybe you’re a baker, and a fully functioning kitchen is a must-have. Perhaps you want indoor parking or indoor green space. Decide which of these features you’ll settle for if you find a place that’s more affordable or newly renovated, and which ones you won’t; that way, you’re sure to be happy with what you pick.

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