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Damage-Free Decorating: Tips And Tricks For Apartments

Most apartments have pretty strict rules about how you can decorate. You probably won’t be able to paint your walls, you’re probably not going to want to mount a TV, and you’re definitely not going to be tearing down any walls. Fortunately, there are a lot of creative ways you can decorate without causing any damage.

When it comes to damage-free decorating, 3M’s Command line of products is your friend - this isn’t a sponsored post - their products are just so good we had to mention them. Command Strips are perfect for hanging pictures and Command Hooks can give you additional storage space - all without having to hammer nails into walls. Hang pictures, paintings, plants, or any other decor you’d like. You can also use Command Hooks to run cables along the wall - the importance of proper cable management can’t be overstated.

You’ll notice that most walls in most apartments are some variety of very neutral colours. Taupes, beiges, greys, and off-whites abound. You might want something a little more vibrant in your space but find yourself unable to paint. Here are a couple of novel solutions: The first is to use removable wallpaper; the quality of this stuff has gone up in recent years. You can find some truly incredible wallpaper that won’t leave residue behind. The second solution is to get some velcro strips and use fabric to colour your walls. You can hang small pieces of fabric for a splash, or use a big piece as something of a tapestry.

Invest in an area rug! They can add a lot of colour and texture to your space. What’s more, you can use them to separate one area from another in an open concept apartment. 

A large mirror can be an incredible touch, especially in smaller apartments. You can use the mirror to reflect a window. There’s no better designer than nature, and getting to see Winnipeg’s urban forest through your mirror is a lovely thing. What’s more, the mirror will make your apartment appear larger.

Looking for furniture? Whether your apartment is big or small, you should look into getting an ottoman with storage. Ottomans come in all kinds of shapes, styles, and colours, so you’re sure to find one that suits your aesthetic. Need a place to kick up your feet? Check. Need extra seating when company comes over? Check. Want to store board games, electronics, or anything else, away from view, right in your living room? The humble ottoman does it all. No wonder they had a whole empire! 

Historical furniture puns aside, there’s a lot of ground we haven’t even covered. Did you know there are nail-free floating shelves for extra storage? Have you considered the versatility of a bar cart? We’ve got apartments for rent in Winnipeg, but we offer so much more; check back on our blog for more apartment living tips! 

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