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How To Make Your New Apartment Feel Like Home

You fell in love with your apartment when you first saw it, and wondered how it would look with all your belongings in it. Moving day is finally here, and you’ve just unloaded the last of your things into your space.

But something is missing. Everything feels new to you and the suite is missing that cozy, welcoming vibe that you’ve been accustomed to.

At first, it might feel unusual to come home to your new space. Living in a new apartment takes some getting used to. Luckily, there are ways to help with that!

We’ve put together a few budget-friendly tips to make your new space feel like yours. Let your personality shine through in the way you decorate your suite. With these methods, your apartment will feel like home in no time:

Light Some Candles & Incense

Certain smells have a way of bringing up old feelings and memories. It might have something to do with how the part of our brain that registers smells is connected to the part that holds memories.

Take advantage of this by buying candles made with familiar scents. Maybe it’s the apple pie your grandma used to make or the woody, cedar smell of your family cabin. Either way, try lighting a candle once you’re settled in.

Start Cleaning

We all hope that when we move in, our apartment will feel brand new; almost like no one else has ever lived there. But sometimes, this isn’t the case.

Even if the suite is clean, you might still find traces of its previous tenants, from smells in the kitchen to stray crumbs in the cabinets. Do a deep clean for a fresh start.

Lay Down Rugs

Cold and bare floors can seem uninviting. You can solve that problem by adding a few plush and colourful rugs to your floors.

Rugs make it cozier to walk around barefoot. Roll them out in your bedroom, living room, or by your shower. Just keep them out of the kitchen, or they might end up with stains!

Stock Up On Your Favourite Snacks

Nothing says home quite like a pantry full of your favourite foods. As you settle into your new space, take a trip to the grocery store, and buy yourself a few treats. Moving is hard work, and you deserve it!

If your kitchen is empty, you won’t feel any connection to it. But when it’s stocked up with tasty snacks, you’ll feel like it’s yours.

Display Personal Mementos 

Without family photos, awards, or artwork that you’ve gathered over the years, your apartment might look like it could belong to anyone. Add a personal touch by putting up items and photos that hold sentimental value to you.

Pick Up A Few Plants

Bring an element of liveliness to your space by purchasing some greenery. Whether you go with real or fake plants, you’ll feel at ease when your place seems more natural. New apartments can feel a bit sterile, but adding potted plants makes a room cozier. If you go with live ones, you’ll enjoy refreshing scents, as well.

Finish Unpacking!

There’s one thing standing in the way between your apartment, and a place that feels like home…boxes! A lot of cardboard boxes.

Digging through boxes to find your deodorant or cooking utensils gets old fast. Once you’re rid of that last cardboard box, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

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