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New Year, New Home, New You

With each new year, we have the chance to kick things off with a fresh slate. If you notice that your apartment needs a new look, now is the time to start decorating. Even though you’re in a rental, that doesn’t mean you need to skip out on personalized décor. You don’t have to break the bank to decorate your apartment. Here are some ideas for fun and feasible decorations for your suite:

Choose A Colour Theme

When you live in an apartment, you’re working with a relatively small space. For that reason, it will look better if you keep a consistent theme throughout the place. You should try to work with the wall colours that you have, since you won’t be able to repaint in a rental. Select rugs, throw pillows, and bed sheets that match the colour scheme in your apartment. The result will be a home that flows from one room to the next.

Hang New Photos

Show off your inner art lover by shopping for new photos and paintings. It will give your apartment a regal and classic feel. You can look for a reprint of a well-known piece or print out photos from previous trips, dinners, or celebrations.

A word of warning: using a nail to hang the portrait will damage your wall. Your landlord won’t be as impressed with your decorations as you are! Instead, use adhesive strips that are safe for walls, and won’t make holes or peel back paint.

Shop Locally

If you’re in the market for new decorations this year, consider adding something to your apartment that’s made locally. Look for decorations that are made by members of your community to support local businesses. Many of them have been going through hard times due to COVID-19, and your support during the holidays can make a real difference. They will often have a unique quality that you can’t find at big box stores. Look for websites that help you find local vendors, like this one here.

Use String Lights

It can be hard to strike the right balance between decorating your apartment and cluttering your apartment. String lights are the perfect décor for that issue: they can be laid on top of a cabinet, countertop, or doorway to add a custom colour while still saving space. These lights add a soft glow to your home that will make everything feel cozy. String lights come in nearly every colour these days, so shop around to find one that matches your colour theme. 

If you’ve been thinking about redecorating your apartment, now is the perfect time to get started! Even though you won’t be throwing any holiday parties this year, you can still enjoy the warm glow from all your new decorations. Are you in search of new apartments for rent in Winnipeg? Globe Property Management lists thousands of suites on our website. You can narrow your search by neighbourhood, amenities included, and monthly rent. 


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