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Storage Hacks For The Limited Space In An Apartment

You’ve fallen in love with an apartment. It’s in a great neighbourhood, it’s close to your favourite amenities, and it’s within your budget. There’s just one problem:

It’s a little too small!

Are you short on space? You’re not alone. Countless new apartment dwellers have hauled their boxes into a new space, only to discover that there’s nowhere to put them. Maybe you’re trying to work from home, but it’s hard to focus when your space is jam-packed with knick-knacks and stacks of clothing.

Have you already decluttered everything that you’re willing to part with? If so, you’re faced with a tough question: should you fill your entire apartment with boxes, or get rid of some things that you know you’ll need later?

We’re here to tell you that there’s another way! Try these storage hacks to maximize storage space in your apartment without compromising your comfort:

Invest in Stackable Storage

If you’re going to fill one bin up with items, you might as well stack another on top of it! Bins with interlocking lids offer storage, stability, and convenience. They help you optimize your space by reducing the “sprawl” of your clutter—you can contain it in one  area rather than spreading it all over the apartment. Reducing and organizing clutter can improve your mental well-being.

Choose a New Bed Frame

You think of your bed as a place to sleep—but what if it were also a place to store your belongings? With a new bed frame, you can place things in an accessible location that’s still out of your way:

A bed frame with drawers gives you room for clothes, linens, and more. Alternatively, you can select a bed frame that has space underneath it. Slide long, storage bids under the bed that contain lesser-used items like family photo albums and other mementos. 

Make the Most of Your Walls

We have two words for you: wall shelves. You may be hesitant to drill holes in the wall if you want to keep your damage deposit, but you can purchase standing shelves that rest against the walls instead.

Look at all those blank, spacious walls in your apartment—they’re prime real estate for hanging your many belongings! When you run out of room on the floor, turn to your walls for storage solutions. 

You can also try wall hooks, which are a convenient way to hang keys, kitchen utensils, and pots or pans.

Purchase Furniture with Storage Compartments 

Since your furniture is already taking up space, you may as well use it to store items, too! You might be surprised at how many furniture items also have options for storage

Try purchasing coffee tables, entertainment units, and even sofas with tucked-away compartments. These items will serve their primary function, but can be used to hide away belongings, too.

The last thing you want to do is rent a storage locker and pay another bill each month. Instead, get creative with these storage solutions, and you won’t need to worry about tripping on boxes anymore. 

At the end of the day, you might use all these storage hacks, but still find yourself yearning for extra space. If so, check out the Globe Property Management website, where we list new apartments for rent in Winnipeg. Browse our hundreds of apartments, and you’re sure to find one that you love!

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