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Summer Style 2020: How To Make Your Apartment Feel Fresher

When summer finally arrives, the sunny weather can be a breath of fresh air; naturally, you want your apartment to feel the same way. But as a renter, you’re restricted in terms of what you can and can’t change. As far as leases go, painting is typically off-limits, and so is putting nails in the wall - unless you want to lose your damage deposit. So how do you give your apartment a facelift without breaking your lease agreement or your budget? 

Reupholster your dining room chairs. For this trick, all you need is a fabric of your choice and a staple gun. Cut the material to the size of your cushion, then staple the edges. Voila! Your worn-down chairs look brand new. 

Prop mirrors against the wall. This is a stylish way to cheat the size of your room and make it look bigger. Reflective surfaces have the effect of expanding a room and creating airy, open spaces. 

Do a deep clean. To sanitize your apartment thoroughly, you’ll need a set of cleaning products and the right tools for the job. Pick soaps and detergents with scents that you enjoy (bonus points if they are environmentally-friendly), so that the act of cleaning will be more rewarding. While you scrub away, you can take the time to reorganize your messy shelves or the junk drawer that’s been nagging you. 

Purchase new throw pillows and blankets. Revitalize your living room or bedroom using trendy accent pillows and fuzzy fabric blankets. This method is inexpensive and transformative. It will make your space extra cozy and stylish. 

Buy a room divider. These work great to change up the flow of your apartment or to add more privacy. Section off your workspace or create a private barrier in your bedroom with a room divider.

Light some candles. When it comes to candles, there are so many scents to choose from, whether you like floral delights, pine trees, or pure beeswax. Aromatherapy has more benefits than you might expect. Pick whatever you prefer and burn some beautiful candles to make your apartment feel relaxing and homey. 

Stick a backsplash to the wall. These stickers will come right off when it’s time to change apartments, so you won’t have to worry about doing any damage - all you need is a blow dryer to help the edge peel away. Backsplashes are a stylish way to freshen up a kitchen or bathroom; simply attach them to the wall and appreciate your new patterned décor. A backsplash can transform any wall - and with no bucket of paint required.

Buy some plants (real or faux). They’ll look great and smell great, too - plants are the ultimate way to make your place feel fresher. Is your apartment limited in terms of natural light? Opt to buy fake greenery instead; most of the time, it looks like the real thing. Perhaps your green thumb has failed you, and your flowers have wilted - don’t worry! Dried flowers add an artistic touch to any room. You can use them to decorate tables and nightstands without having to worry about watering. 

It can be so exciting to decorate an apartment and make it feel fresh. Are you searching for apartments for rent in Winnipeg? Globe Property Management has over 7,100 apartment listings; visit our website and find your new space to call home. 

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