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Take Control of Your Comfort at Home

2020 has been a year comprised of guidelines to follow and rules to abide by. The same can be said about rentals. There are many aspects of your rental that you cannot control (moving walls, painting, etc.). But what about the things that you can control? Your level of comfort, perhaps? Just because your situation may be temporary does not mean your furniture has to be.

Comfort starts with good investment pieces. Start big and focus on where you spend most of your time. Take the plunge and buy a quality sofa and a comfortable (yet stylish) headboard and bedframe. At the end of a long day, nothing says “Ahhh” quite like a proper collapse onto a soft couch or a cozy bed. 

Take it a step further and ask yourself: How do I want to feel when I walk through the door? Apartment entryways tend to be on the cramped side, but nothing opens a small entrance quite like a mirror/console/runner combination. This may sound like a lot, but these items can be reasonably-priced, and the finished product is worth it. Consider a wall mirror with a detailed border, a slim console (this is a good place to get creative with colour), and a heavy-duty runner that is soft on the eyes yet can withstand Winnipeg winters. Retail stores like IKEA and Structube are perfect when looking for contemporary items at affordable prices.

Another important room in your home is the kitchen. In most cases, kitchens in rentals are on the smaller side and as such, provide little room for modifications. Enter the peel and stick backsplash! These decorative mosaic wall tiles can be found at Home Depot, and are not far off from the real thing. This is a great way to spruce up your kitchen and make it look bigger.

Finish off your home’s facelift with a good-sized dining table (even when it is just you) and top it off with some linen napkins and a nice centerpiece.

Now, let out a long exhale. Your new home is ready.

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