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Things To Look For When Searching For A New Apartment

Looking for a new apartment in Winnipeg? To avoid getting stuck with a year-long lease in an uncomfortable space, do your research before you go apartment hunting. Here are some things to look out for when finding a new place to live:

When you start your search, it’s good to determine what features are the most important to you. That way, you won’t settle for something less than what you originally wanted. Make a list of assets that your new space needs. Are you looking for a bachelor suite or a 3 bedroom apartment? A fitness centre in the building? Parking spots? Writing down what you want most will help you keep it in mind as you look for the perfect apartment. This includes your budget - if you find your dream suite, make sure you can afford it!

There are certain things to watch for when apartment hunting. When you find a potential spot to live, make note of the price. Compare it to other apartments in the area so you can see if it’s priced too highly or is suspiciously low. A very inexpensive apartment that looks beautiful online most likely comes with a catch. If it isn’t a cosmetic problem, maybe it’s a noisy area or a building with structural issues. Doing your research will prevent you from renting an apartment with a skeleton in the closet.

Another factor to consider is neighbours. When you’re viewing an apartment, try to gauge how sound-proof the walls are. Are they made of concrete or just plaster? If it’s the latter, you might have a problem with noisy neighbours. As you walk through the apartment, look at how many shared walls there are. It should give you an idea of where you might hear the other tenants.

The location of your apartment is important. Remember to map your route from the apartment to your place of work and make sure the commute is reasonable. You don’t want to live somewhere that’s an hour away from work if you can help it! Furthermore, look at the neighbourhood where the building is located. It’s worth doing your research to make sure the area is safe.

The next item on your apartment-hunting checklist is to see what amenities are offered. From in-suite laundry to door security, different apartments offer a range of varied benefits. Decide which ones are most important to you and check to see if the building that you are interested in offers them. If you drive a car, you’ll want to make sure that there is a parking spot available for you. If you have a furry friend, ask the landlord what their pet policy is. Different buildings accept only certain types of animals - some might not allow dogs or exotic animals.

When you’re apartment hunting in Winnipeg, watch out for red flags. A very low price is probably too good to be true, and a dangerous area will have you wanting to move again before your lease is up. Ready to start searching? Globe Property Management can help you find the perfect place. We rent 3 bedroom apartments in Winnipeg and our website has over 7,000 different suites to look at. Find which of them is right for you!

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