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Things You Should Do Right After Moving Into An Apartment

You’ve just carried the last box into your apartment. Finally, you can put a wrap on moving day! You’re ready to order a pizza and call it a night.

You know that you need to unpack some boxes and set up your bed for a long night of rest. But what are the other things that you might find yourself scrambling to do if you haven’t prepared? 

We’ve put together a checklist of calls to make and tasks to complete right after you move in:

Set Up Your Wi-Fi

These days, we rely on the Internet for almost everything. From online shopping to paying bills, you’ll need your Wi-Fi immediately after moving in. But if you’ve been busy packing, you might have forgotten to call a local provider ahead of time.

Make sure to schedule service from your preferred company ASAP. Otherwise, you might find yourself twiddling your thumbs in your new apartment.

Call Utility Companies

Once you move into a new place, you’ll need to set up an account with the utility companies in the area. If you’re a new tenant, you’ll be required to register for a new account. If you’ve registered with utility companies before, you can transfer your existing information to your new address. 

You’ll need to contact the city of Winnipeg to set up your water bill. If you're paying for electricity or natural gas, call Manitoba Hydro. If you aren’t sure what utilities you’re obligated to pay for, contact your landlord.

Get Tenant Insurance

As a new tenant, you might feel like you’re swamped with bills. Can you afford to skip tenant insurance and save a few bucks each month?

The real question to ask is this: could you afford to replace all your belongings if something happened to them?

Paying for insurance now can save you from financial woes later on. It also protects you from being liable if something happens to the suite. Tenant insurance can be as inexpensive as $15/month—it’s worth considering for the peace of mind it offers. The sooner you protect yourself, the better.

Check The Smoke Detectors

Testing a smoke detector is easy. Locate the button on the unit, press it, and wait to hear the alarm sound. If nothing happens when you press it, it’s time to change the batteries. You can test the smoke detectors every few months to ensure they’re working. In general, you should change the batteries every six months.

Unpack The Essentials

When you’ve just moved in, you might feel overwhelmed—the apartment may be swamped with boxes, and you don’t know where to begin.

To start organizing, it helps to make a priority list. Your pots and pans will come in handy, while your stack of photo albums might not. 

If you labelled your boxes before you moved, you’re in luck. But if not, you might need to spend some time rummaging through your belongings. We suggest unpacking the following items first:

  • Plates and utensils
  • Food
  • Bathroom supplies
  • Towels
  • Clothing for the next few days
  • Chargers for your electronics

Unloading these essential items will save you from having to unpack all at once. You can gather what you need before tackling the rest of the boxes over the next few days.

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