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Tips For Apartment Hunting In The Winter

As the coldest season settles over Winnipeg, you’ve made up your mind: it’s time to move out! You might be tired of living in your parent’s basement or dealing with your roommates. Whatever the reason might be, you’re ready to start the search for a new apartment.

Just like the housing market, there are peak seasons for renting. Winter happens to be the slowest one. You can leverage this during your apartment hunt in a few ways:

Less competition, but fewer available suites

No one wants to move in the cold—however, there are certain advantages to doing so. For example, no one else wants to move in the cold, either; this might make for less competition. 

That being said, fewer people want to leave their current apartments during this season. They don’t want to move when it’s cold outside! This might make it harder to find available apartments.

But looking for apartments in the winter has its pros and cons. You might have fewer suites to choose from, but thanks to a lack of competition, you could score one for a bargain.

Rent might be less expensive

A landlord or property manager's worst nightmare is a vacant suite. Each month, they make $0 in income, all while paying utilities for the apartment. If no one’s biting on their listing, they may be inclined to lower the monthly rent. 

When you hunt for places in the winter, be on the lookout for deals or properties that have been vacant for some time. The owner might be eager to accept an offer for their vacant apartment, even if it’s $100 or so below the regular rate. 

If you can’t negotiate the rent, try to target other areas. For example, the length of the lease or the utilities. Try to offer them a contingency—you’ll move in, but only if they upgrade the laundry machines. 

View apartments during the day

Natural light is more important to some of us than others. Research shows that natural light can improve depression, sleep, and seasonal affective disorder. If windows are essential to you, make sure you visit potential apartments while the sun is up.

During the winter, our days are shorter, and the sun sets sooner. You won’t get a clear picture of the natural lighting when you visit a suite at 6 PM. Try to schedule tours during the daytime instead.

Make sure to ask about air conditioning

During the frigid cold of winter, the hot days of summer feel like a century away. But, when June sneaks up on you, the last thing you want is an apartment with insufficient air conditioning.

If you’re searching for an apartment in the winter, your top priority might be the heating. But don’t forget about the AC, which is equally as important!

Browse around

You’ve got to be resourceful to find the perfect home. If you’re used to checking one place (like the newspaper), remember that you’re only seeing one section of the market. Broaden your horizons by searching in more places!

Are you looking for 2 bedroom apartments in Winnipeg, Manitoba? On the Globe Property Management website, we have thousands of listings. Using our search tool, you can filter results by neighbourhood, unit type, and price range.

You might feel stressed that you’re moving in the winter, but don’t fret! There are considerable advantages to apartment hunting during the off-season. Even though you have to deal with the cold weather and icy sidewalks, the money you could save will warm your pockets!

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