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Ways To Lower Energy Usage In Your Rental

You’ve just received your first electrical bill, and—oops—it’s a little higher than you planned for. 

After the long and cold winter that we’ve had in Winnipeg, you’re tired of paying high heating bills. Summer is just around the corner, and you’re eager to start saving money on energy costs.

Looking for ways to cut down your electric bill? You can save money and conserve resources with these budget-friendly tips:

Watch the Thermostat

If you have a thermostat in your apartment, you can save money by regularly monitoring and adjusting it. Cut back on your energy usage with these quick adjustments: 

  • Lower the heat while you sleep. Most people prefer their rooms to be slightly cooler while they’re asleep. After all, you’re covered up with blankets anyway. Try to turn down the heat a few degrees when it’s time for bed.
  • Turn down the heat/AC when you leave the house. Why pay for power when you aren’t home to enjoy it? Whenever you leave for work or when running errands, turn down the thermostat.

Turn Off the Lights

During the daytime, you can save energy by using an entirely free light source: The sun! If you work from home, open the blinds instead of switching on a light. Even on a cloudy day, the natural light will provide enough luminosity for you to read, do chores, or work on a computer screen. 

Better yet, you can soak up some sun rays! Even though you can’t absorb vitamin D when you’re behind a window (the glass blocks the UVB rays), it’s still beneficial for your mental health to see sunshine. 

Wash Your Clothes in Cold Water

The smell of fresh laundry is unmistakable. It means that all your favourite clothes are free of stains and dirt. 

You might use hot water to wash your clothes without thinking; it’s been the standard for decades. But the amount of energy it takes to heat that water might surprise you. Of all the energy used to wash clothes, up to 75% of it is used to heat water.  

Switch to cold water, and you can:

  • Extend the lifespan of your clothes; the cooler temperatures are more gentle on your fabrics
  • Get them just as clean as you would with hot/warm water
  • Save a significant amount of money and energy with each load

Take Shorter Showers

After a long day, nothing beats standing under the showerhead and letting the hot water hit you. We love hot showers as much as the next person, but we can’t ignore the facts: To heat water, you need to use a lot of energy. 

Try to limit your showers to 10 minutes. If you’re feeling bold, you can even try a cold shower.

View Our Apartment Rentals!

There’s only so much you can do to save energy. If you live in an apartment that has gaps in the walls, is under-insulated, or is energy inefficient, it might be time to look for a new place. 

At Globe Property Management, we can help you find wonderful apartments for rent in Winnipeg. To find your next home, check out our apartment listings today. 

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