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What It's Like To Live In Osborne Village

What It's Like To Live In Osborne Village

Are you searching for the next place to call home? Osborne Village is one of Winnipeg's most popular neighbourhoods—and for good reason! This area is central to local businesses, restaurants, walking trails, and many other attractions that make it convenient and desirable. 

If you’re thinking about living in Winnipeg (or are already living in Winnipeg), Osborne Village should be on your list of the best neighbourhoods to consider! 

The Location

Osborne Village is centrally located, situated near the Assiniboine and Red Rivers. You can enjoy the neighbourhood’s river walkways in several ways: Biking, walking, jogging, etc. while being able to skate and ski on the actual rivers in the winter! Osborne Village is centrally located, close to downtown, Osborne South, Wolseley, and more.

You can navigate to almost any part of Winnipeg easily; there are several bus routes to get to where you need to go. Rapid Transit is just around the corner everywhere in Osborne Village! Alternatively, many people take a short walk to their destinations because so many amenities are located in the Village. 

The Local Residents

Osborne Village is one of the densest neighbourhoods in Winnipeg. This mostly has to do with all the high-rise apartment buildings and condos in the area. And they keep building more! Many people in the Village are younger professionals, while others are seniors enjoying the ease of condo living. Osborne Village is full of apartments and condos, with some houses scattered here and there. Residents tend to eat healthily, exercise, and enjoy living a high-quality life. 

Things You Can Do 

This vibrant neighbourhood has boutique stores like the Happy Cooker for kitchenware, dessert shops like Baked Expectations, clothing stores like Out of the Blue, and many restaurants from sushi to fried chicken to pho. The Toad in the Hole pub is very popular for drinks and live music and even has an outdoor patio! For those into alternative lifestyles, there is a beautiful crystals shop in the Village called Shakti, New Leaf Massage Therapy, and some second-hand clothing stores, too.

The Gas Station Arts Centre is also in the heart of Osborne Village. It offers excellent theatre as well as fun musical outdoor shows in the summer. If you love street festivals, Osborne Village celebrates Canada Day by closing the streets to vehicles and hosting a few fun-filled days of music, street vendors, craftspeople, and family-fun activities.

Renting an Osborne Village Apartment With Globe

Are you ready to commit to one of the beautiful buildings, centrally located in Winnipeg? Globe Property Management can help you find the perfect Winnipeg apartments in highly sought-after neighbourhoods like Osborne Village. 

If you want to be close to restaurants, groceries,  and the heart of the city, let us help you find a new place to call home!

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