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July 3, 2020
Nine Things To Consider When Moving To Winnipeg

This snowy city is known for its harsh winters, but the cold has a way of bringing the community together. The capital of Manitoba gets a bad rap, but people who live here know the many advantages that this prairie city has to offer; there is a lot to love about it, from its lively […]

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June 18, 2020
Things To Look For When Searching For A New Apartment

Looking for a new apartment in Winnipeg? To avoid getting stuck with a year-long lease in an uncomfortable space, do your research before you go apartment hunting. Here are some things to look out for when finding a new place to live: When you start your search, it’s good to determine what features are the […]

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May 26, 2020
Self-Care Tips To Practice At Home While Social Distancing

In this wave of COVID-19, self-quarantine, social distancing, and staying at home are all being cut off from regular routines. A drop in many meaningful activities and social engagement may breed feelings of isolation and loneliness. It’s no wonder the pharmaceutical industry has measures to help minimize the spread of the deadly virus. But social […]

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May 11, 2020
Tips To Prevent Spreading Germs In Your Apartment

Preventing the spread of germs is all about isolation. In the age of COVID-19, we understand principles like social distancing and self-isolation; if viruses and germs can’t spread, they die. What do you do, however, when the illness is present in your own home? How do you avoid spreading germs in your apartment? The principles […]

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March 24, 2020
A Letter To Our Residents

Dear Valued Residents, We would like to take this opportunity to thank our residents. On top of the concerns we all have regarding children, parents, and other loved ones, there are many economic issues emerging in regard to employment, savings, and debt levels, etc. This is a time of high stress for all and we appreciate […]

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March 20, 2020
Damage-Free Decorating: Tips And Tricks For Apartments

Most apartments have pretty strict rules about how you can decorate. You probably won’t be able to paint your walls, you’re probably not going to want to mount a TV, and you’re definitely not going to be tearing down any walls. Fortunately, there are a lot of creative ways you can decorate without causing any […]

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March 18, 2020
A Message to Prospective Residents

While our in-person showings have been suspended due to the current situation regarding COVID-19, we want to assure you that is available and open for business! Visit our Find an Apartment page, and select an individual property for building features, floorplans, interior shots, and more! You can even apply online! Have a question? Need some […]

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March 16, 2020
A Message to our Valued Residents and Customers

We have been diligently monitoring the situation concerning COVID-19, and we would like to ensure our followers that our team is taking every precaution possible to properly handle this issue. These precautions include: • Maintaining a social distance of at least six (6) feet • Refraining from sharing small spaces, office supplies, etc. • Working […]

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February 25, 2020
Globe Capital Management Acquires New Montréal Property

Mr. Richard Morantz, President and CEO of Globe Capital Management, is pleased to announce the acquisition by the company for $60 million of the Les Berges du Canal apartment complex in Montréal, Québec. The property is located in the gentrifying neighbourhood of St. Henri on the island of Montréal, where much investment is being directed to […]

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February 11, 2020
Choosing The Right Apartment For Your Family

Finding an apartment is about more than just finding a place to lay your head at night; it’s about finding a home. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing an apartment, and a few different ways of finding the right fit.  Location, Location, Location The real estate mantra is just as true […]

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